You Know You’re Not Charging Enough When…


Everyone says they can’t afford what you offer.

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“I can’t charge more. People are already telling me they can’t afford what I’m charging now.”

I hear this from coaches, online course creators, and spiritual practitioners all the time. It’s always confusing to them when I tell them their lack of sales isn’t about charging too much, it’s about charging too little. Let me explain the reasons why this is and how you can determine what you should charge going forward.

Reason #1 To Charge More: Charge What You’re Worth

Part of the problem relates to the image above. When I came across this image (which I edited to focus only on what I wanted here) in this article on LinkedIn, I had to share it with you. It’s worth checking out the rest of the article too. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Welcome back.

The image above explains why you should never balance your pricing to the market unless you are just like everyone else. The perfume referenced above is better than the others — it was picked by 33% of people (8% higher than a straight average) when all were priced relatively equally, so we are assuming that your business rocks and is better than the competition. If it isn’t, focus on improving that before you look at your pricing. When you are better than everyone else and you charge relatively the same, a small percentage will choose you preferentially over others. However, when you are better than everyone else and you charge accordingly, significantly more people will choose you — that’s what this image says.

I’ll add more to the mix here. When they pay more, they will also

  1. Find more reasons to like you
  2. Give you better reviews and referrals after they have purchased
  3. Be more engaged (to get their money’s worth) and therefore;
  4. Get more out of the work they do with you

This helps them to justify their purchase to themselves.

Reason #2 to Charge More: Don’t Be A Commodity

If you charge what other people charge and deliver what other people deliver, you’re a commodity, which is something you never want to be in a service or information-based business. Why? Because someone is always willing to charge less than you do and then it’s a race to the bottom of the income ladder. Find a way to differentiate yourself from the other people out there. Do things differently, add value, look at things from a unique perspective, establish yourself as an expert in a big way. It doesn’t matter how you differentiate, but do it or watch your business die a slow and painful death.

Reason #3 to Charge More: People With Money Aren’t Broke

When you’re charging people $200 or less, you’re dealing with people who are generally broke. They are constantly making choices about what they need vs. what they want and unless you’re selling something they need, you’re going to lose out in that scenario. People with money have much more discretionary income and therefore can and want to say yes to your offer much more often.

And before you tell me you’re committed to helping the broke people, let me say this: if you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, you’re running a charity, not a business. You are literally taking food off your table and giving it away to your “clients”, impoverishing yourself to make them better.

“OK, So What Do I Charge?”

Deciding what to charge is as simple as this: it is the most you can allow yourself to accept or the most value you can provide — whichever is less. You can’t charge more than your program, product, or service is worth or your clients will be upset with the value exchange. You can’t charge more than you are willing to accept. If you try, you’ll subconsciously blow the sale because you can’t allow yourself to feel like you deserve it. Obviously, both of these things can be improved over time. I’ll give you a hint: if you improve your belief in the value of your program, product, or service(which may or may not require improving it, BTW), then you will improve your willingness to receive that amount of money.

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