Identity Shift Drama


Identity shifts can make you a little crazy.

You’re often not completely done with being the person you are leaving behind. While you’re also not quite sure who it is you’re becoming.

Add to this the discomfort of being in the transition itself and you have a recipe for drama. (And don’t even get me started if the moon is full or Mercury is retrograde.)

Many people will find themselves creating drama in their lives when they are going through an identity shift. The drama helps them to off-gas some of the discomfort energy.

The problem with this is that you need that energy. It is what fuels the change you’re in. When you dissipate the energy by getting angry or upset or frustrated and then allowing it to come out as an outburst, you’re losing the fuel you need to get through the transformation.

Think of it like this: if a rocket burns a bunch of its energy before takeoff, it won’t have enough to achieve liftoff when the time comes.

Another way that drama gets kicked up in the process is through the releasing of stored emotions in the body.

Let’s say you’ve been struggling in your business for years. And now you’re finally stepping into a place where the money is coming in regularly and you’re suddenly successful.

This is a huge identity shift. You may have romanticized the struggle and the person you were as you engaged it. You may have issues with the way you’ve described/judged those who are successful in your field and in general. You may have pain from feeling like the Universe didn’t support you when you were struggling and frustration from not being able to reach your goals in the past. Those energies are stored in your body. As you step through into the new definition of self, those stored energies need to be released so that they don’t serve as the foundation for self-sabotage.

But again — you don’t want to dissipate the energy. You want to release them without engaging them. This is best done in a healing context with a competent energy healer or, if you don’t have one available, then in meditation so that you’re removing the stuck energy, but not dissipating the change energy.

Here’s the long and the short of it: if you’re in an identity shift, you’ll likely encounter the possibility of drama. Use your change energy for change, not for drama.

You’ve got this.

If you’re dealing with an identity shift and you’d like some help navigating it, I’m here to help. Set up a Discovery Call and we’ll help you figure out what step to take next.



Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor (TM)

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